Hardware Hank orders through the United Hardware co-op. This link will bring you to Hardware Hank's catalog search, where everything available for us to order is shown. If you would like to place an order, please call the store, and we will take the product information down and place it on our next order. Orders received before 2pm on Tuesdays will come in Thursday afternoon.

Orgill's catalog has the ability for you put an order together in a cart. Once all of the desired items are in the cart, the list can be emailed to us, which will then be placed on our next order. Please contact us by phone if a list is emailed to us to ensure that it is placed on the order that week. Orders that come in before noon on Fridays will arrive the following Tuesday morning.

Our online catalogs give you a way to browse the inventory available to us though multiple warehouses and vendors. Clicking on a vendor will bring you to a catalog of all the items available to us through them.

Online Catalogs